Community Support

​Southern Hills Community Bank has been committed and devoted to the growth, development, and general welfare of the communities we serve. The Bank has participated in the organization, funding and delivery of community events and fundraisers for more than 135 years. We strongly support our schools and the children of our communities in virtually all programs designed to broaden horizons; including athletic, academic, agricultural and fine arts programs.

We actively participate in activities as a service to our communities

We do not just write checks for donations and show up—we get down in the grind to help organize and serve. We march in parades and hand out candy, we serve food and refreshments at shows and sporting events, we proudly participate in our county fairs, 4-H programs and community events. We share the experiences with you.

Southern Hills Community Bank does all it can at the company level, individually, and in small groups often collaborating with schools and community groups, to assist those in need throughout the region.

Southern Hills Community Bank not only gives back to our communities, we take pride and honor in paying it forward. Please visit us on Facebook from time to time to see the community events and programs we are actively supporting. Join us in helping to better serve our communities.