Our Culture

​OUR MISSION IS OUR CULTURE: to establish and maintain mutually loyal, high quality, long-term relationships with our customers, communities and employees.

We believe the most important word in "Southern Hills Community Bank" is the word community. To us, customers are far more than just customers. We are all neighbors, and we work together to make our communities as vibrant and supportive as possible for families, individuals and businesses.


Driven by relationships​

The Southern Hills culture revolves around relationships - with customers, our employees and the communities where we operate. That relationship-driven, customer-first orientation is absolute and unwavering. We listen. We advise. We connect. We empower.

Committed to the community

We recognize and support the local communities that welcome us into their neighborhoods. We give back and we pay forward. We are involved and visibly active in community events, school activities, county fairs, 4-H programs and community organizations.

Helping employees thrive

We take care of our employees who take care of our customers. We treat employees with dignity and integrity. We empower employees and train them to help develop their skill sets and expertise. We have a low turnover rate with a large number of veteran employees who have served our customers and communities for more than a decade.

Something you have to experience

It's easy to talk about culture, but we believe culture is something that must be felt to be understood. Our customers and employees feel it. And if you become a customer or come work with us as an employee, we think you'll feel it too.