​Listening is a skill that has not been well practiced in the financial services industry. At Southern Hills Community Bank, we make listening simple—we just do it! Maybe it comes easy to our veteran team of local bankers who know you and care. Maybe it is because we all share the same values. Maybe we owe it to the strong mutual loyalty passed down through generations of satisfied customers working with warm friendly bankers. To us, it is all of this and the simple fact we are your neighbors, your friends and your family.

Our relationship with you is important to us, so we listen

You have needs that we can help you with, so we listen. We have built relationships on 135 years of listening to our customers. It is our job and it is our pleasure.

Visit us at any location and let us listen to you about your plans, concerns, events, achievements and family. It is all part of a good relationship. We will listen, advise and help you make great connections as needed. Along the way we will help you with your financial services needs. Your business is our business. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Our ability and willingness to listen sets Southern Hills Community Bank apart from all other banks and makes us the better place to bank.