Bauer Financial Inc. Rating

Leesburg, OH - September 2023: BauerFinancial, Inc., the Nation’s Premier Bank Rating Firm, is pleased to announce that Southern Hills Community Bank has once again earned its top (5-Star) rating for financial strength and stability. Having earned Bauer’s (5-Star) rating continuously for 41 quarters, Southern Hills Community Bank has also earned an even higher assignment as an “Exceptional Performance Bank. This designation is reserved solely for banks that have earned this top rating for a minimum of 10 years consecutively (40 consecutive quarters) or longer. This latest rating was assigned in December 2023 based on September 30, 2023 financial data and signifies that Southern Hills Community Bank continues to be one of the strongest banks in the nation. 


Bauer rates every federally-insured U.S. chartered bank with the same strict standards, and is honored to report that Southern Hills Community Bank continues to earn its top rating. “As a community bank, Southern Hills Community Bank keeps its focus on consumers, small businesses and the community at hand”, remarks Karen Dorway, president of BauerFinancial. “The employees of Southern Hills Community Bank are people just like you. That means, whatever you are going through, they are likely going through the same thing, whether it be fires, floods, acts of nature, or simply a ballfield that needs refreshing. They are unflinchingly by your side to help that better future come to fruition.”


Since its inception in 1884, Southern Hills Community Bank has been an enthusiastic supporter of the people and organizations in the communities it serves, which is also where its employees live, work and play. A dedicated banking partner, yes, but so much more. Supporting the community is what it does, and what it has done for 140 years. This community-focused bank wouldn’t have it any other way.