Advising & Connecting

​As an active, participating member of the communities we have served for 135 years, Southern Hills Community Bank is well-connected. Our veteran professionals can provide excellent practical advice, guidance and direction on most any endeavor from buying a car or home to buying a farm or business.

Helping you get more out of your finances and life ​

We know people you may want or need to know. We can connect you with valuable resources to help you make plans and decisions, including people, calculators and important informative website links. We can help you every step of the way from brainstorming ideas, making plans, weighing options, executing transactions, protecting your interests and the next step beyond as needed.

We are relationship-driven and devoted to our customers and our local communities. We start by listening to you. As requested or needed, we will make suggestions and provide sound banking advice along with other practical advice to the extent of our knowledge and experience. We will guide you to useful resources and help you open doors by connecting you with people and businesses you might find helpful. At Southern Hills Community Bank, we understand that your success is a key to our success. Advising and connecting is one of the most valuable contributions we can make to help you succeed, accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams.